Names, Year of Joining, and Occupations of Members mentioned in the Minute Books from 1920

(Where joining date is missing information is unavailable, or joined prior to 1920)

Surname Christian Names Elected Occupation
Abbott Derek 2007 Inland Revenue
Albert James Brewer's Agent
Aldridge John H Licensed Victualler
Allen David 1994 Printer
Allen Ernest 1975 Headmaster
Allen Harry G Watch Jobber
Allison G 1926
Attwod Alfred J 1932
Auger Peter G 1972 Chartered Accountant
Bagshaw N L 1949
Barnes Henry T Commercial Traveller
Barrett (Bill) W H 1923
Bates Edward 1947
Bathurst A H 1900
Bathurst Joseph Builder
Beech S J C 1919
Beecham Sydney 1984 Accountant
Bennett Rex 1957
Beveridge Leslie E 1951 Pharmacist
Billinghurst Albert E J 1911 Registrar BMD
Bird J H 1924
Bishop George 1936
Blackwell Robin 2007 Civil Servant
Blair Roland 1954
Blake Alex A 1961 Motor Engineer
Blanchard Charles J 1941 Baker
Bliss Walter J B 1915 Estate Agent
Bond George Edward Architect
Bow Roland W 1954 Insurance Broker
Brailey Les 1997 IT Manager
Bray James 1921
Bray W.J 1945
Brimlow Alan N 1970 Dentist
Broad John J 1883 Corn Factor
Broad P W 1905
Broad Stanley 1951 Insurance Broker
Bryden J 1926
Bryden Richard G 1945
Budden William J 1883 Wine & Spirit Merchant
Bull Daniel G 1932 Greengrocer
Bulley W G 1924
Caton S P 1937
Catt G Alan 1928
Cawley Robert R 1939
Chambers Stanley 1924
Chater James T C 1903 Staff Engineer RN
Conway Derek 1976 Funeral Director
Cooper P Fred 1981 Management Accountant
Cottell John H 1926
Coulter John Wine Merchants Traveller
Cox John R 1993 Plumber and Builder
Cozens Ray 2001 Police Officer
Cramp William F 1973 Petrol Retailer
Crockford Thomas Howard Hospital Steward
Davies Robert C 1974
Davis W (junr.) 1941 Builder
Dawes Alec A 1922
Dove Edward G 1945 Jeweller
Driver W W 1900 Corn Merchant
Evans H (Taffy) 1943
Evans Tom F W 1952
Filley Alfred H 1900
Fiske Charles W 1905
Foord J
Fraser Geoff 1991 Sales Director
Freer W 1922
Frisby Frederick J 1946
Fysh Sydney 1924
Gammon Arthur 1883 Coal Merchant & Cooper
Gay Maurice A 1994 IT Consultant
Gay Stephen A 1999 IT Consultant
Gibson Alexander B 1927
Gifkins Henry George Brewers Agent
Gill Edwin Shipbroker
Gill Les 2010 Accountant
Godfrey Mathew 2005
Grist William George 1931
Gurr A Butcher
Hackett Clarence P 1883 Wine Merchants Clerk
Hadlow Michael 1979 Accountant
Hamlett Alan E 1990 Commercial Estate Agent
Harris W L 1926
Hastings Alfred H Tailor
Hawes E G 1922
Hawes Ernest W 1908 School Master
Hawes Frederick C 1916
Hawkins Percy J 1947 Draper
Hayden J H
Heam W K
Hill Eric N 1948
Hill Reginald 1939 Accountant
Hill W H 1925
Hodges Frank B 1947 Solicitor
Hollands Eric T 1979
Hook Peter J 1964 Finance BP Oil Refinerey
Horner Thomas Howard 1950
Hornsey James H 1980 Scrap Metal
Hughes Stanley 1970 Chartered Surveyor
Humphries Chris 1990 Sales Manager
Hutton F
Jamieson John Charles 1966 Wholesale Greengrocer
Johnson W
Jones Peter 1978 Teacher
Judkins William J 1950 Accountant
Keighley S 1926
Kendell Frederick.W 1930
Lamb James G 1926 Publican
Lamb Roy 1946 Publican
Lawrence Alfred H
Lawrence Frank H 1918 Estate Agent
Leech Joseph A 1980 Builder
Lenion S
Luderman Phil 2010 Private Hire Operator
Lupton Roy 1997 Insurance Agent
Lynch W H 1932 Secretary of Chatham Reliance BS
Llewellyn David 1997 Chartered Engineer
Lloyd J
Lovett Stephen 1991 Events Organiser
MacLeod W A 1957 Accountant
Manicom H C 1959
Mannington Fred C 1931 Motor Engineer
Marston Alan H 1970
Martin A 1901
Martin George 1927
Mason Thomas General Merchant
Mehurst Herbert V 1949 Civil Servant
Mills C S 1921
Moger G Austin 1926
Morgan John 1995 Insurance Agent
Morris Bernard J 1975
Newlyn Percy J 1924
Newnes Roland 1966 Town Clerk
Niall Brian John 1939 Doctor
Nicholson Edwin 1895
Niven A F 1979 Doctor
Norman Antony (Tony) 1995
Offord "Jock" 1981
Ostler V E 1928 Chemist
Paine A J Mens and Boys Outfitters
Paine H J Mens and Boys Outfitters
Pankhurst Donald 2001 FX Trader
Parrett George W 1939 Publisher Local Newspaper
Parsons Lawrie 1939 Solicitor's Clerk
Pattison Harold J 1975
Pearce Ivan 1991 Estate Agent
Pearson Brian 1988 Electrical
Peel J A 1972
Pendleton H C 1946 Optician
Peskett John 1986 Carpenter
Presnail Denis 1957 Builder
Presnail James C 1979
Ralph Leonard 2016 Marine Engineer
Reeves A 1985 Jeweller
Reeves C A R 1949 China and Glass Retailer
Reeves Harold G 1949 Jeweller
Reeves T 1985 Jeweller
Reeves W F C (Charlie) 1936 Jeweller
Richards J.A. (Jimmy) T 1967 Surveyor - Chatham Borough Council
Richardson E T R
Richardson A E 1896
Rogers Harold 1936
Roper C E 1969
Ross Ian 1991 Builder
Rowe S 1921
Rowlands Paul Kevin 2001 Interior Designer
Rundell John W 1926
Rush William 1941
Rye E G (Bertie) 1902
Salmon Frederick 1937
Sargent Peter 1997 Ordinance Survey Map Seller
Sargent Richard 2005 Printer
Savage W
Saxton Eric N 1971 Police - Chief Superintendant
Seaward Malcolm 2000 Police Officer
Shave H S (Lt Col, OBE) 1948 Builder
Singfield J F T (Bob) 1959 Engineer
Skiller H
Smith Arthur H 1954 Ironmonger
Smith Brian 1981 Baker
Smith David A 1962
Smith Ernest
Snelling Robert R 1925
Spall Cyril E 1937
Squires Raymond 1992 Company Secretary
Stafford E W 1922 Master Builder
Stanley Alan H 1988 Hotelier
Swayland George H (Pat or Jock) 1945 Petrol Retailer
Tanton Lee 2003 Air Conditioning
Tarry Andy 2002 Ceilings
Taylor Andrew 2002 Bricklayer
Topley George Thomas 1921
Topping Stewart 1989 Merchant Seafarer
Taylor A E 1921 Wholesale Greengrocer
Thomason George William 1953
Thompson R H S 1967 Bank Manager
Thomas H 1950 Bank Manager - Midland Bank
Thorn Donald 1961 Printer
Thornton John F 1981 Wholesale Greengrocer
Thornton J T 1957 Wholesale Greengrocer
Timms John Philip Duncan 1981 Rating Officer
Timms Philip W B 1974 Town Clerk
Titcumb Hairdresser
Topping Stewart 1989 Marine Engineer
Tottman Sidney C 1950
Traske William 1937 Manager - Newcombes Mens Outfitters
Trowell C Le 1921
Tubb John 1949
Turner Paul W 1995 Loss Adjuster
Tyler H (Major) 1924
Tyler Sidney J F 1900
Wade Brian 2011 Chief Draughtsman
Walker D S 1967
Wallace Roger 1998
Walter Frank P 1954 Estate Agent
Way Arthur W Tobacconist
Way C
Webb F A
Wheeler H John 1951 Optician
Whitacker Edward (Ted) 1997 Accountant
Wildish William Beerhouse Keeper
Williamson Henry G 1922 Licensed Victualler
Witham Sidney 1987 Head Postmaster Medway & Maidstone. Justice of the Peace.
Wood Percy
Wright D 1953
Wright E. Claude M 1922
Wright John 2001 Estate Agent
Wright T Douglas L 1928 Clerk