'Books' Photo Gallery 2011

The Autumn Barbeque

The Chairman and young daughter



Our Hostess with he mostess



Derek, Stewart, Les and Robin



Surfin at Rons Bar




A hardworkin cook bereft of beer



I rreally could't think of a cation here!!



Autumn Golf Competition at Tudor Park.

Peter Gibbon and Steve Price joint winners of the Guest Prize

100 3909 


Best Team Mick Peskett, John Peskett, John Cox and Peter Gibbon with the Chairman

100 3910


Best Supporting Member Les Brailey  

100 3911 


Peter Sargent receives the "Early Bird" Trophy.

100 3912 


100 3913


  The "Finesmeister's Henchman" attempting to fleece Mike Peskett

100 3914 


"Bang goes my beer vouchers for the week" says Peter Gibbon after Robin prises open peter's wallet.

100 3915


Carl's new suit wont save him from the Finesmeister wicked henchman

100 3918 


Well bowled Finesmeister as Robin catches Les Gill behind wicket.


100 3920


"I'm really not interested" says brother Mike "Just give him the money!"

100 3921


 In the end it was all in a good cause.


100 3916 




The Snooker Competition rolls on with Les Gill and John Peskett - Les won on the evening

IMG 2096




The Denis_Presnail_cup_and_Early_Worm_Trophy


 Left - The Dennis Presnail Trophy                     Right - The "Early Bird" Trophy

To be played for at the Summer Competition.    To be played for at the Autumn Competition



The Winning Team 

 The Winning Team of Sid Witham, Andy Tarry, Derek Abbott and Steve Lovett


Playing in a 3-ball with Sid Witham and Robin Blackwell at Leeds Castle Golf Course on Friday, Maurice
was avidly picking up some tips from current golf champion Sid.  Maurice's 'Hit of the Day' was a magnificent
drive from the 8th tee, a long powerful shot, straight down the middle of the fairway.
Unfortunately, a black-headed gull happened to be directly along the flight path of the ball,
the ensuing collision resulting in the rapid demise of the said gull. Maurice reverentially carried the body
to a nearby copse where it was laid to rest, no doubt to become a tasty snack for a passing fox.
Somehow, Sid managed to avoid any 'Monty Python' type comments about 'Ex-gulls'.

 Maurice Birdie 3 



Lunch at Sittingbourne Golf Club on Sunday 8th May 2011


 Books Lunch 1