'Books' Photo Gallery 2012 

"Books" Autumn Golf Competition held at the Weald of Kent Golf Club - October 2012

 Dave Allen wins the Longest Drive Trophy


 Robin comes in top of the High Handicapers

Robin BlckwellwinsHigh HandicapTrophy

The Winner ....again

Top Dog Again with his Trophy 



Summer Golf Competition June 2012 held at the Southern Valley Golf Club.

The supreme champion Paul Turner

100 4161


Robin being presented with the Garden spike trophy by Peter Sargent

with Les looking on thinking " Well I can't be the only one!"

100 4163



John Cox wins something else

100 4160

Andy, Robin and Alan winners of the team prize

100 4159


 Paul Turner looking happy to have  won something at last

100 4158

John Cox with his Prize

100 4157


 A surprised Maurice Gay is presented with the Dennis Presnail Cup.

100 4156

Andy collects a prize on behalf of Carl his guest.

100 4154 


Les Brailey wins the "I didn't break a club " lowest high handicap score prize

100 4153


chairman presents Winners Trophy to Paul Turner

John Cox receives 2nd Overall Prize

John Cox second overall


Derek walks away with the Best Supporting Player award

Derek wins best supporting player

Best Team Spring Competition The Ridge April 2012

Best Team

Carl,winner of best Guest Trophy with PWT

Carl Best Guest Trophy

John Cox and Alan Stanley on the lash with Ginger Beer

John and Alan with pink ribboned glasses of Ginger Beer

Andy presenting Jonh with glasses commemorating 25 years membership

Books AT & JP sjpg


Derek presenting Sid with his whisky glasses commenorating 25 years membership

 Books chair & sid sjpg


 The whole group gathrered for John and Sid's Dinner to mark their 25 years membership

 with the Chatham Book Society. Our resident pianist Ted Chambers also managed to get in the picture.

Books 25 yr dinner


Maurice in charge